Global Emerging Fungal Infection Registry



Prof. Oliver A. Cornely

Project Manager
Dr. Danila Seidel
PhD, Cologne

Coordinating Physicians and Quality Control Team Cologne
Dr. Maria JGT Vehreschild MD
Dr. Philipp Köhler MD
Frank Müller, Documentalist

Epidemiology, IT & Statistics
Dr. J. Janne Vehreschild
MD, FECMM, Cologne

Microbiology and Sample Storage
Dr. Hilmar Wisplinghoff
MD, Cologne
Prof. Cornelia Lass-Flörl
MD, FECMM, Innsbruck

Molecular Identification
Dr. Volker Rickerts
MD, Berlin

Dr. Birgid Markiefka
MD, Cologne

Thoracic Surgery
Prof. Khosro Hekmat
MD, Cologne

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Dr. Fedja Farowski
DMSc, Cologne


FungiThek – Biobanking and additional analyses

For cases entered in our database, isolates and tissue samples can be sent to our central laboratory for further analysis. To compensate for packing and shipment € 50 will be paid per isolate or tissue sample made available to the FungiThek.

If you intend to send specimens, please contact our office and we will help arrange shipping. Please provide information on the sample type, date of acquisition and FungiScope case ID whenever sending specimens. For payment please send an invoice including the FungiScope case ID and your account details.

Download shipment/invoice form

Address for samples:

University Hospital Cologne
Center for Clinical Trials 2 Infectious Diseases
Susanna Proske - FungiScope
Herderstrasse 52-54
50931 Cologne

Therapeutic drug monitoring

Concentrations of azoles and echinocandins can be determined from serum, cerebrospinal fluid, and tissue samples of FungiScope patients by Dr. Fedja Farowski, Institut für Pharmakologie, Uniklinik Köln. This service is provided free of cost.

Please print out and complete the PDF form (Download TDM form (English)). Send trough level samples (9 ml serum) along with the completed form to:

Dr. Fedja Farowski
Institute for Pharmacology
Gleueler Strasse 24
50931 Cologne
Tel. +49 221 478 5066

Documenting multiple cases

If the documentation workload is too high, centers are encouraged to ask for trained documentation assistants to travel to their site via emailing us.